The Maria Place

It is probably Maria Mortensdtr. b. 1814 who has named this place. She was from the island Ytterøy and was married to Ola Erikson – a crofter under one of the Ulvin farms. He was duty bound to work on this farm, and in addition he was a fisherman. Ola and Maria ran one of the three Sleipvik places and had a son, Eirik. Eirik fished with his father when he was a boy, but work was hard to come by and he eventually went to America to seek his fortune. Soon after, Maria’s father died, and Maria moved from Sleipvika (maybe she had to move). She got a piece of land a little further east where she and her sister Siri cleared and built a new home: The Maria place.

It was Maria who worked the land and did the housework, and Siri who was on the sea. Maria was a crafty woman,as evidenced by the stone wall along the edges of the field. This was Maria’s work, and it was a fine piece of land where they could feed two sheep and a pig. They also cultivated potatoes and grains. Siri’s had her boat mooring in a small bay below the house – it’s even today called “Siri-støa”. This was the name of the boat dock seen from the shore – from the sea it was called “Kjerring-røffelet” *. There was probably some resemblance …

When Maria and Siri grew older, they received a message from Maria’s son Eirik. He had probably found happiness in America, and they had to follow suite.Thus the Maria Place was abandoned – but the name still lives on

*The backside of the woman