Næsbakkin was a croft under the farm Ness, is first mentioned in 1758. A small croft, however in 1865 (at the time run by Rasmus Jonson (b.816) and his wife Marta Larsdtr) it is mentioned that they had a cow, 5 sheep, a goat and a pig. They bought the croft in 1878, but sold is as a smallholding to Andreas Lorentsen (b. 1839) and Gurine Halvorsdtr.

Tragically Andreas drowned in Skarnsundet the 11.3 1901 and his son Ludvig and wife Karen Rasmusdtr Norem took over the farm. Ludvik was known as a very competent fisher and made his living off the sea. In 1919 they sold Nesbakkin to Øver-Aunet farm and moved to Solvang in Vangsgrenda. The main house in Næsbakkin was used as a hay barn until the 1960s.