This place was situated in the pasture right above Råvika, and the foundation wall (Arntmuren) is still very visible.

It was a small place with no livestock, but with some potato and grain production. In addition to farm work (compulsory labour), they sustained themselves with shing. In 1801, Arnt and Brita lived here. They had one daughter and three sons, all three of whom were commissioned as border guards in Verdal in 1807-1814. The youngest was 18 years. The oldest, Jon, took over the place after 7 years as a border guard.

In 1865, new people came to the square, Arnt and Marta. They moved from Arntberget, which was under Rostad, but they originated from Horg. They had 3 children. The youngest, Theodor (b. 1845), was a sailor. In 1875, he and his wife also lived at Arntplassen with their two children.

The place was closed down around 1910 and the land was added to the farm.