First deposit Inderøy Sparebank

The inheritance after Olina and Jacob became the first deposit in Inderøy Sparebank. When Olina died in 1863 (Jacob was already dead) she left several underage boys. Ole Richter was appointed as a guardian of these children, who probably resided in several different homes. The inheritance after parents, 72 rigsdaler specie (Speisidaler ) and 87 shillings, was divided equally between the 8 children.

It was during that time, 1864, that Inderøens Sparebank was founded, and the first two deposits in the bank were from two of these boys: Mortinus 16 years, and Ole 13 years, with the inheritance from their parents of 9 rigsdaler specier and 11 shilling, at 5% interest.

Ole Richter was chairman of the bank’s board and made sure that these two crofer boys became the first depositors in the bank, instead of some “rich guy” in the village. This tells a lot about Ole Richter’s political spirit.