Homestead Røenget

"Røenget" was a homestead under Røvika, and was located just below where you stand. In 1865, Sivert (33 years old) and Lisbet (24 years old) lived here. They had as many as 12 children, but several died at a young age, four of them from diphtheria *. None of the children settled on Inderøy, so when the parents died, the place was merged with Raudgrinda, and Jørgen Gran built new houses.

There were no livestock on the site, but they sowed oats and potatoes. Sivert who lived here in the 1860s was a man who was noticed. He came from Mære and made a living as a shoemaker. As a young man he had served in the King's Guard in Stockholm, and only stout guys were taken out for such service! This was in the time of union with Sweden: 1814 - 1905 (91 years). The union was a "personnel union" with two separate states and one head - the king. The countries had a common king and foreign minister, but their own government and prime minister. The king had guards with soldiers from both countries. It was here that Sivert was selected to serve in the 1850s.

When the well-built guy came walking, it was easy to see that he was an athlete. He was an eloquent man people looked up to and respected.

* Diphtheria: An acute infection of the throat and respiratory tract for which there was no medication at this time. Today, all children have vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis