Homestead Skogen

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"Skogen" was a homestead under Kvam nedre ("lower") which was located directly above here. The man who cleared the place was named Olav Halvorson, born in 1820, and came from Gudbrandsdalen. Olav was married to Serina Olsdatter. Together they had 2 children, but Serina died when the children were small, and Olav had to find a new wife: Massi Bruås born 1829.

They cultivated the soil, and in 1875 (25 years after he started clearing soil), had both cows and sheep. They had the place until the end of the 1890s, but then their health began to decline, the children had left, and Olav and Massi could no longer manage on their own. They were then "satt på Legd" in the village, which was common at that time for those who did not have family to take care of.

The site was now sold to Martinus Stene as additional land to Stene.