The area was probably used as a lumber place for timber for the Rostad sawmill close by. The balsam trees, of which there are many of today, have probably grown up after the place shut down. However, the big alder tree at the foundation walls is probably the old courtyard tree in Lunden.

It was a rather small croft and perhaps the youngest of the Rostadbakk places. In 1875, Andres Olsen Grøtte from Meldalen was the crofter and he is probably responsible for clearing the place. He was a very versatile and skilled craftsman; he was both a carpenter and a blacksmith. He was in all probability involved in the construction of the sawmill and mill, which was located just by Lunden, and likewise the dam plant further up in the river.. He was certainly also a miller at the Rostad mill.

Richter certainly had a lot of use for this guy, so he was moved to the farm and stayed there. Lunden was taken over by Kristin Kvam who after some time shut down the place and moved to Lysaker, taking the house with her.