Lysaker is an independent farm that was never a croft, but a “kåreiendom”* to eastern Undersaker. Folkvart Folkvartson and his wife Beret Sivertsdtr. moved here in 1851 when they sold Undersaker. They named the farm “Kåret”. See also the prehistory of this on its own information board about the croft Asphaugen a few hundred metres further along the trail (east towards Straumen).

Kristian Kvam bought the farm just before 1900. He came from the croft Lunden under the farm Rostad (see separate info board near Kveinnbua below Rosatd) and he moved that farmhouse with him by rowing boat. He placed the house a little south of the original houses and named the place Lysaker. This house with extensions is still in use.

In addition to the land, fishing was an important part of the livelihood of those who lived here.

* Kåreiendom / Kårbolig: When there is a generational change in agriculture, it is a tradition that the outgoing generation gets supported by the new generation taking over, who move into the main building. The elderly move into the “kår” property, which can be part of the main building, or a separate house on the property.