This is one of the oldest crofts in the hamlet – possibly established as early as 1665, but certainly from 1701.

The croft had a favourable location, with some land to cultivate so they could feed upto 2 cows, sheep and goats and could go fishing on the fjord. Several of the crofters in Råvika were good craftsmen – in particular carpenters – and did earn some money from this.

It is also known that the crofter Ola Mikkelson, who died in 1974, was a moneylender and that the eldest son, Peder Olson used his inheritance to buy the farms Klepp and Ytre Aas (Outer Aas).

Råvika, which was a croft under Ulvin, was partitioned off from Ulvin in 1910 and have in later years been used as a holiday home.

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Rå til høyre i bildet, og Rostadkaia – der hvor rasteplassen er nå. Foto fra 11/7 – 1895.
Rå to the right in the picture, and Rostadkaia quay – where the rest stop is now. Photo from 11/7 – 1895