The water in this stream was used to pull both saw mill and grain mill. In other words, the water was used twice; First, the water drove an underwater wheel that operated the saw, before it was led in a drain to a mooring impeller operating the grain mill. When the saw was running, the mill was also running.

Further up the creek, a dam was made so they had a water reservoir to take from.

The saw mill / grain mill was established during the time Jørgen Richter was at Rostad – around 1850. He had good helpers in his son, John Kristian and Anders Grøtt Olsen from Meldal, and of course the crofters at Rostad. The mill was in operation until the introduction of hydro power to the village, around 1920.

Drawing by Svein Jørum, as we imagine the mill looked like. The small house on the left in the drawing is a boathouse, today “Kveinbua” is located there.